What is US size XS in UK?

Women’s Clothing Sizes

UK Sizes USA Sizes
XS 4 1
6 2
S 8 4
10 6

What size is Xs in women’s US?

Women’s Size Chart

Sizes Natural Waist
Letter (US) Number (US) CM
XS 2 66
S 4 68.5
S 6 71

Is a US small a UK medium?

As you can see in the chart below, the US size is 2 sizes smaller than the UK size. For example, if you need a US women’s size 12, you would need to order a UK women’s size 16. For a US women’s size 18, this would be a UK women’s size 22.

What size is a small in womens UK?

Core Women’s sizes

UK Size UK Size Bust
6 XS 30-32
8 S 32-34
10 S 34-36
12 M 36-38

Is XS a size 6?

XS means extra small, which roughly translates to a women’s size 0-2 in most brands.

Are US sizes smaller than UK?

If you are a US 4, in UK size, you will be a UK 8. If you are a man, go for the same size when buying clothes. For example, a size US 30-32 is the same as a UK 30-32. If you are buying clothes for your kids less than 8 years old, the US size would be almost similar in UK sizes.

Is UK 10 a small or medium?

Women’s Clothing

Size Small Medium
UK 6 8 – 10
EU 34 36 – 38
USA 2 4 – 6

Is US small the same as UK small?

Letter sizing (e.g. S, M, L, etc.) is also the same for the US and UK. So for example a US size S (small) is the same as a UK size S.