When was Uniting for Peace resolution used?

The Uniting for Peace resolution was initiated by the United States, and submitted by the “Joint Seven-Powers” in October 1950, as a means of circumventing further Soviet vetoes during the course of the Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953). It was adopted by 52 votes to 5, with 2 abstentions.

What is the Uniting for Peace resolution also known as?

The Uniting for Peace Resolution—or the Acheson Plan, as it was once popularly called—was adopted by the UN General Assembly on November 3, 1950.

Which council during Korean War in 1950 introduced the Uniting for Peace resolution?

the Security Council
At the initial stage of this armed conflict, in June 1950, the Security Council had been able to recommend to the Members of the United Nations to “furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area” (resolution 83 ( …

How does Uniting for Peace resolution work?

The draft text is a “Uniting for Peace” resolution, whereby the Council refers a situation on which its permanent members are deadlocked to the General Assembly. If adopted, it would be the first such resolution the Council has adopted in four decades.

When was the first UN peacekeeping mission?

May 1948
The first UN peacekeeping mission was established in May 1948, when the UN Security Council authorized the deployment of a small number of UN military observers to the Middle East to form the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) to monitor the Armistice Agreement between Israel and its Arab neighbours.

Which of the following countries is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?

The Security Council consists of fifteen members, of which five are permanent: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How do you find the UN resolution?

You can search for Resolutions in the UN Digital Library by using words that appear in the Title, e.g. “Multilingualism”. You will be able to access all documents pertaining to your chosen Title and select a particular Resolution from the list.

What is the Yalta formula?

The Yalta voting formula recognizes that the Security Council, in discharging its responsibilities for the maintenance of international peace and security, will have two broad groups of functions.

What is peace resolution?

Peace and Conflict Resolution is an area of study that is concerned with how violence and conflict can be viewed and addressed through the intersections of democracy, human rights, gender, poverty, and governance.