Who is the present cm of Balochistan?

List of chief ministers of Balochistan

Chief Minister of Balochistan
Flag of Balochistan
Incumbent Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo since 29 October 2021
Style His Excellency
Member of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan Cabinet of Balochistan

Who is the governor and cm of Balochistan?

Incumbent and Amanullah Khan Yasinzai (2018-2021).

Who is the Education Minister of Balochistan 2022?

Meeting with Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, Provincial Minister for Education – Government of Balochistan.

Who is current CM of KPK?

Mahmood Khan. Mr. Mahmood Khan is a patriotic Pakistani politician who is the current Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 17th August 2018. He has been a member of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 13 August 2018.

Who is the PM of Pok?

Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir

Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan
Incumbent Sardar Tanveer Ilyas since 18 April 2022
Government of Azad Kashmir
Style The Honourable Mr. Prime Minister (informal) His Excellency (diplomatic)
Member of Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly Cabinet of Azad Kashmir

Who is Gilgit Baltistan Governor?

Raja Jalal Hussain MaqpoonGilgit-Baltistan / Governor

Who is IG Police Balochistan?

Mohsin Hassan Butt
The current Inspector General of Police, Balochistan is Mohsin Hassan Butt….Balochistan Police.

Balochistan Police بلوچستان پولیس
Formed 1963
Employees 38,000+
Annual budget Rs. 9 Billion
Jurisdictional structure

Who is Secretary Education Balochistan?

Mohammad Hashim Ghilzai –
Mohammad Hashim Ghilzai – Secretary Colleges, Higher & Technical Education – Government of Balochistan Pakistan | LinkedIn.

How many district are there in Balochistan?

List of districts in Balochistan

Districts of Balochistan, Pakistan
Number 35 (as of June 30, 2021)
Populations 97,017 (Harnai District) – 2,275,699 (Quetta District)
Government District Government City District Government Zilla Council
Subdivisions Tehsils

Who is the CM of Azad Kashmir?

Raja Farooq Haider Khan (Urdu: راجہ فاروق حیدر خان‎) is the current Prime Minister/Chief Minister of Pakistani Azad Kashmir. Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan took the oath for the Office of Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir on 31 July 2016 as the 9th Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

When did India lose PoK?

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

Date 5 August – 23 September 1965
Result Stalemate (Both nations declared victory) Ceasefire through UNSC Resolution 211 No permanent territorial changes (see Tashkent Declaration) Return to the status quo ante bellum
Territorial changes No territorial changes