Is William and Mary doing campus tours?

Campus is now open to the public and we invite you to learn about campus tours, information sessions and other visit opportunities offered by Undergraduate Admission.

Does William and Mary have in person tours?

In-Person Information Session & Tour We’ve welcomed many noteworthy visitors in our 328-year history and we can’t wait to welcome you as well. Information sessions are led by a member of the Undergraduate Admission Office Dean’s staff and guided campus tours are led by current William & Mary students.

What is the acceptance rate for William and Mary?

42.2% (2020)William & Mary / Acceptance rate

William & Mary admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 42%. Half the applicants admitted to William and Mary have an SAT score between 1300 and 1490 or an ACT score of 30 and 34.

How many acres is William and Mary?

1,200 acres
College of William & Mary

Latin: “Collegium Gulielmi et Mariae”
Undergraduates 6,377 (Fall 2019)
Postgraduates 2,440 (Fall 2019)
Location Williamsburg , Virginia , United States 37°16′15″N 76°42′30″W
Campus College Town, 1,200 acres (4.9 km2)

Does William and Mary do interviews?

Sign up for an interview today! Interviews are offered in the summer for rising high school seniors and in the fall for current high school seniors. The interview is an optional component to the application, and the absence of an interview will in no way be a disadvantage in the application process.

Does William and Mary have an engineering program?

William & Mary has a combined degree program with the engineering school at Columbia University.

Are dogs allowed on William and Mary campus?

Pets. A pet is a domestic animal kept for pleasure or companionship. Pets are not permitted in university buildings. The employee dog policy applies to all university employees, including faculty, hourly and wage employees, as well as volunteers, contract workers, vendors, and others affiliated with the university.

Is William and Mary hard to get into out of state?

Of those 17,475 applicants, William & Mary accepted just 6,466, giving the school an overall acceptance rate of 37% (44% for in-state applicants and 31% for out-of-state applicants). William & Mary offers early decision (ED) admissions and received 1,184 ED applications for its class of 2025.

Is William and Mary Ivy League?

No, William & Mary is not an Ivy League school. Unlike the Ivies – Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale universities and the University of Pennsylvania – William & Mary is a public college. It is, however, known as one of the “Public Ivies.”

Is William and Mary a top tier school?

The public institution William and Mary is another school that ranks high upon the “U.S. News” list of top universities and also receives a Tier 1 ranking. Founded in 1693, William and Mary is one of the oldest universities on the list, and hosts nearly 6,000 undergraduate students.

What are William and Mary students called?

The TribeWilliam & Mary / Nickname

How do I prepare for a William and Mary interview?

How to Prepare for a Successful Interview:

  1. It is important that you have an interest in becoming a William and Mary student.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile.
  4. Make eye contact.
  5. At William and Mary we do not require that you wear a suit to the interview.
  6. It’s okay to be nervous.