What are sideboys in the Navy?

A sideboy is a member of an even-numbered group of seamen posted in two rows at the quarterdeck when a visiting dignitary boards or leaves the ship, historically to help (or even hoist) him aboard, in a ceremony known as tending the Side.

How many sideboys does a Navy captain have?

As the person being announced approaches the ship, the word is passed over the 1MC, “[Title] arriving,” and a bell is struck the number of times corresponding to the number of sideboys to which the person would be entitled: eight for a vice admiral or above, six for a rear admiral or rear admiral (lower half), four for …

Do you salute during evening colors?

In the absence of a band, or an appropriate recording to be played over a public address system, “To the Colors” shall be played by the bugle at morning colors, and “Retreat” at evening colors. The salute shall be rendered as prescribed for the National Anthem.

What is a smoking lamp in the Navy?

The smoking lamp was a safety measure. It was devised mainly to keep the fire hazard away from highly combustible woodwork and gunpowder. Most navies established regulations restricting smoking to certain areas.

What does Side boy mean in slang?

Sideboy definition (US, colloquial) A small dresser; a drinks cabinet. noun.

Why do naval ships have so many flags?

Naval flags are considered important at sea and the rules and regulations for the flying of flags are strictly enforced. The flag flown is related to the country of registration: so much so that the word “flag” is often used symbolically as a metonym for “country of registration”.

Do you salute a flag on a flagpole?

The flag of the United States, national colors, and national standard are not dipped by way of salute or compliment.

Do civilians have to stop for colors?

Stop and render the proper respect. Civilians and military personnel not in uniform are expected to stop, face the flagpole, or music if the flagpole location is unknown, place your right hand over your heart and remain in that position until the music stops. If wearing a hat, it is customary to remove it.