What does the Tri Star mean?

The three stars represent the three grand divisions of Tennessee: West, Middle and East. “They are arranged in such a way that not one star has prominence over the other,” Belt explained. Belt said that was an intentional design by the creator of the current flag of Tennessee.

What does the blue stripe on the Tennessee flag mean?

The stars represent the three geographically and legally distinct “Grand Divisions” of Tennessee (i.e. East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee). The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of those grand divisions. The blue bar at the edge of the flag was just a design consideration.

What is the history of Tennessee’s flag?

Tennessee was the sixteenth state to join the United States of America. This flag was used from 1897 until 1905. The flag we know today was adopted in 1905. It was designed by Captain LeRoy Reeves.

Was Tennessee a Confederate state?

However, when the American Civil War finally broke out in 1861, Tennessee, like other states in the upper South, voted for secession and joined the new Confederate States of America (Confederacy). Only Virginia saw more fighting than Tennessee during the war.

What was Tennessee’s stance on slavery?

From the beginning slaves were among white Tennesseans’ most valuable assets; in time, both Nashville and, most notably, Memphis established permanent slave markets. From 1826 until 1853, legislation outlawing interstate trade in slaves was ignored. East Tennessee manifested an early antislavery sentiment.

What side was TN on in Civil War?

At Nashville in December 1864, George Thomas routed the Army of Tennessee under John Bell Hood, the last major battle fought in the state….Tennessee in the American Civil War.

Restored to the Union July 24, 1866

What is Tennessee motto?

Agriculture and CommerceTennessee / Motto

The General Assembly also has officially designated a state slogan, “Tennessee—America at Its Best,” adopted in 1965, and a state motto, “Agriculture and Commerce,” adopted in 1987 and based on the words on the state seal.

What is TN famous for?

Tennessee is known for: Country music. Whiskey. Graceland and Elvis.

What is Tennessee’s state drink?

Milk was designated as the official state beverage in 2009. Milk is an essential component to building strong muscle and bones in children, as well as mending injured muscle and bones in adults. Other benefits cited include milk’s help in building strong and healthy teeth, hair, skin and nails.

What does Tennessee flag stand for?

The state of Andrew Jackson, or “Old Hickory,” Tennessee was the sixteenth state admitted to the Union—the original thirteen colonies plus three states—and, consequently, the flag bears three white stars. The predominant original white population within the state was of English origin, and the twists of the wreath are accordingly white and red.

What do the symbols in the Tennessee flag represent?

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  • What does the flag look like for Tennessee?

    The Flag of Tennessee consists of an emblem on a field of red, with a strip of blue bordered by white on the fly.The emblem in the middle consists of three stars on a blue circle also with a white border. The central emblem portion of the flag appears in the logos of some Tennessee-based companies and sports teams. Examples include the First Horizon Bank and the Tennessee Titans.

    What does Tennessee’s flags represent?

    The colors of the state flag of Tennessee are the same as those of the national flag of the United States, out of respect for Tennessee’s allegiance to its nation. The red backdrop of the flag represents the state’s loyalty to the United States, while the blue stands for residents’ loyalty to the state of Tennessee.