Why is my TV stuck on Welcome to the X1 Platform?

If your X1 or Xfinity Flex TV Box is frozen on the Welcome screen, check your connections and attempt to restart it. If you have a wireless TV box or Xfinity Flex device, you can also try restarting your modem/gateway and try connecting using the WPS buttons on the TV Box or Flex device.

Why is my X1 box not working?

When troubleshooting an issue with your Xfinity X1 TV Box, you may be directed to restart the device or you may resolve it online with a system refresh. The easiest way to restart your TV Box is to say “Restart TV Box” into your Xfinity Voice Remote.

What is the X1 platform on Comcast?

Comcast calls Xfinity X1 an entertainment operating system, and it is. But in more practical terms, it’s the interface on your TV for finding everything you want to watch, hear, or play. Including live TV. The device is a set-top box with a built in DVR for recording your favorite live shows.

Why is my Xfinity box not connecting?

Make sure you’ve tightened all cable connections from the wall to your device, turned on your TV and TV Box, checked your remote batteries and that your TV is set to the right input. If none of these worked, tap Continue. We’ll scan your device for potential issues. Choose a System Refresh or Restart a Single TV Box.

Why do I have to reboot my cable box every day?

Why Do I Have To Reboot My Xfinity Box Everyday? This is because your box is actively looking for updates, and can receive them on its own without prompting the user to do so. You should contact Comcast if this occurs randomly or at a time when your scheduled reset time does not match.

How do I reboot my X1 box?

Press and hold the Power button located on the front of the primary DVR TV Box for 10 seconds. The TV Box should automatically reboot….Or:

  1. Ensure your cables are tightly secured.
  2. Unplug the power from your primary DVR TV Box for 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the power cord back in to your TV Box.

How do I reset my Xfinity X1 box?

Using the Restore Default option

  1. Hold the power button of your cable box.
  2. Now open the User Settings by pressing on the Power and Menu buttons together on your remote.
  3. Press the Up and Down arrow together to find the Restore Defaults option.
  4. Click on the Right button and then press OK to start the resetting process.

Why does my Xfinity Cable keep cutting out?

Why does Xfinity keep cutting out? There are many reasons for this. You could have a faulty router, a bad WiFi router, a faulty Xfinity wallbox, a faulty Ethernet cable, or a bad installation in your home.