What is SWE conference?

The Society of Women Engineers annual conference is the world’s largest conference for women in engineering and technology, with a wide variety of events, including a graduate recruitment fair. Learn more and register for Society of Women Engineers (SWE) conference.

Can men attend SWE conference?

Although it is an organization predominantly comprised of women, SWE has always included men amongst its ranks in one way or another.

How do you prepare for a SWE conference?


  1. Pack comfortable shoes.
  2. Leave empty space in your suitcase.
  3. Pack professional and casual clothes.
  4. Pack a tote bag every day for the convention.
  5. Career fair is big.
  6. Apply for positions through SWE online career center before the conference.
  7. Be prepared to interview at all times.
  8. Go to hospitality suites.

What do you wear to a SWE conference?

When attending sessions, we recommend dress slacks or khaki pants, neatly pressed, with a matching blouse or long-sleeved, buttoned solid shirt, sweater, or blazer. Shoes should be clean/polished. Awards Banquet attendees usually dress in business formal or formal. Celebrate SWE will be your place to shine!

What is the purpose of SWE?

SWE will raise awareness of the transformative work engineers engage in, provide solutions to problems, and improve the quality of life. SWE will be a prime facilitator for creating personal relationships, support systems, and networking between women in engineering and technology.

What is SWE at Google?

Software Engineer (SWE) Software Engineers solve a broad range of computer science problems at Google. In EngProd, they build infrastructure, harnesses, and tooling to help improve engineering velocity and product excellence.

How much does SWE conference cost?

Professional Full Conference Registration – SWE Member Options

Registration Type & Options Retired or Unemployed Members
WE21 Price – Early: On or before 9/30/2021 $210
WE21 Pre – Late: On or before 10/15/2021 $240
WE21 Price – Onsite: After 10/15/2021 $265
WE21 Virtual Price $100

What is Swe at Google?

Is SWE national or international?

SWE is dedicated to supporting engineers and technologists, no matter where they are in the world. There are many different opportunities for global members and partners to get involved and connect with the SWE network.

How hard is IT to get a SWE job at Google?

Every software engineer who wishes to scale the heights of their career dreams of landing a job at Google. Getting into Google isn’t all that easy, though. Known to hire only the world’s top talent, Google accepts less than 1% of applicants for software engineering positions.

What is SWE role?

SWE is short for software engineer or software engineering. An SWE is someone whose main job is to design and (to a certain extent) write software. SWE is a relatively broad term. The specific tasks associated with an SWE role may vary.

How much is the SWE Conference 2021?

Collegiate Full Conference Registration – SWE Member Options

Daily and Full Conference Registration – Collegiate Options Collegiate Non-Members*
WE21 Price – Early: On or before 9/30/2021 $150
WE21 Pre – Late: On or before 10/15/2021 $170
WE21 Price – Onsite: After 10/15/2021 $200
WE21 Virtual Price $115