What are different types of timelines?

Different Types of Timelines

  • Gantt Chart Timeline. A Gantt chart, or horizontal bar chart, is a timeline view to visualize how a project is tracking.
  • Vertical Bar Chart Timeline.
  • Chronology Chart.
  • Static Timeline.
  • Interactive Timeline.

What are the different periods of Architecture in England?

The periods listed below are representative of the prominence of very broad architectural styles in England. Their exact periods are disputed, even where they roughly correlate with the reign of specific monarchs. There is overlap between some periods, and some styles may be considered sub-sets of others: 1901 – present, Modern .

What are the different architectural styles through history?

pre 410, Roman. See also Architectural styles for a description of global architectural styles through history. Aesthetic movement . Architect . Architecture . Architectural styles . Arts and craft movement . Bauhaus . Building Construction in Britain from 600AD to 1890 . Bungaroush . Carlisle cathedral . Classical orders . Edwardian architecture .

What are the three classical periods in architecture?

Although we combine this architectural era and call it “Classical,” historians have described these three Classical periods: 700 to 323 BCE — Greek: The Doric column was first developed in Greece and it was used for great temples, including the famous Parthenon in Athens. Simple Ionic columns were used for smaller temples and building interiors.

What was the style of Architecture in the 1700s?

By the 1700s, European architects were turning away from elaborate Baroque and Rococo styles in favor of restrained Neoclassical approaches. Orderly, symmetrical Neoclassical architecture reflected the intellectual awakening among the middle and upper classes in Europe during the period historians often call the Enlightenment.